Appropriate manners to eat at restaurants

Eating Customs Around The World


people use different cutleries to eat their food and some even countries even their food with hands because it is part of their customs.

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Healthy Eating Habits for Children


On the top of that, what parents should not forget to teach their children is the the healthy eating habits in order for them to live a healthy life.

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Food Keeping Your Body Hydrated


n order to keep your body hydrated requires you to drink large amount of water everyday and make sure that you never let yourself thirst.

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How to behave appropriately at restaurants in Phnom Penh


How to behave appropriately at restaurants in Phnom Penh


Did you use to experience sitting next to someone who talked loudly and chew the food annoyingly at restaurants in Phnom Penh? What should you do if you face the situation like this? Eating at home and in restaurants are two differents things that people should be aware of because at home you can do whatever you want and behave in your own ways but at restaurants you have to learn to behave properly since you are not the only person who is in the restaurants. Behaving in good ways is very important for people in general especially in public because the way you behave reflect who are as a person. Here are the rules to behave properly at restaurants in Phnom Penh:

Avoid being noisy:


when you go to eat in restaurants in Phnom Penh especially bringing a family along with you, you should be aware of your voices. Sometimes you do not know yourself that your noise can disturb others people because you are busy laughing with your family. However, you should look around to see if the people near you look unhappy or they show bad expression, it means that you should slow down your voice and speak silently. Moreover, if you bring the children with you, it will be more difficult to deal with since children they usually cry or shout out loud when they are too excited. Anyway, there is a way for you to solve this problem and remember not to shout to your children or hit them in front of others but you should teach them at home before you bring them to restaurants in Phnom Penh.

Use the napkins:


you are always given napkins whenever you eat at restaurants in Phnom Penh , so you should make use of them. After you finish your eating, you should use the napkins to wipe your mouth or your hands. Remember not to use your clothes or other stuffs on the table because they are not suitable at restaurants in Phnom Penh. One more thing, when you start eating, you should put napkins on your lap in the right position and be careful not to make them fall from your lap.

Be patience:

woman and phone

sometimes at restaurants in Phnom Penh, you have to wait a bit long for the food to arrive on your tables because there are many people who go there especially on weekend. Don't shout loudly or complain directly to the waiters or waitresses but you should ask them or remind them gently about your order. No restaurants want to lose their customers and always try their best to serve the food as fast as possible.

Don't eat while you talk:

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there is a lot of time for you to talk so bear in mind that while you are eating at restaurants in Phnom Penh, you should not talk. If you talk while you are eating, your face looks not so good and sometimes your food can come out of your mouth that makes you look so disgusting.