Appropriate manners to eat at restaurants

Eating Customs Around The World


Five different customs of eating food around the world

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Different countries have different way of behaving and they have their own culture to follow. Eating is one part of country's culture and it shows where you come from base on the way you eat. Around the world people use different cutleries to eat their food and some even countries even their food with hands because it is part of their customs. We cannot say which country has the best customs of eating because they have their own value and belief. Here you can find 5 different customs of eating around the world:

Asian countries:


Asian people usually use chopsticks to eat their food because it is part of their customs of eating and when you see people use chopsticks , you can judge that they are asians. However, there are some rules of eating with chopsticks which stated that people cannot put chopsticks upright in their rice bowl because putting the chopsticks upright in the rice bowl represents the reminiscent of ceremonial meal offering to the dead. Moreover, while you are eating with chopsticks , you should never use your chopsticks to wave or point to others.

Middle east and India:


they use their hands to pick up and eat all kind of foods for Indian people because it is one part of their identity. If you go into an Indian restaurants , you will notice that all the Indian people use their hands to eat foods and it seems so natural for them. However, they also have their own rules of using hands to eat food. You should use only your right hands to pick up food because it is considered as clean and good and left hand they use only for cleaning.

Europe countries:

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For European people, they always use forks, knifes, and spoons to eat their food. They rarely use chopsticks to pick up their food. If you go to restaurants in Europe , you will see that the waiters and waitress will serve you with forks, knifes and spoons. However , if you are Asians, you can ask for chopsticks from them.

An empty plate means differently:


in India and Japan, finishing all your food from your plate shows that you really enjoy the meal. However, in China they expect different things from people because they do not want people to finish all the food on the plate and it is considered as rude. Moreover, it means that you are not fed enough at home. So remember if you are going out with Chinese people, you should mind not to finish all the meal on the plate.