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Healthy Eating Habits for Children


Healthy eating habits that parents teach their children


Most parents love their children as their live and they cherise their children more than anythings in this world. For parents, they always want to see their children grow up in a healthy health and live in a comfortable way. Some parents they know what should they do to bring up children in a better way and they have a lot of guidances to children to make them a good person in the society. On the top of that, what parents should not forget to teach their children is the the healthy eating habits in order for them to live a healthy life. Here are some healthy eating habits that parents should teach their children :

Eat in a colorful way:


the majority of children do not like eating vegetable and they always avoid eating it. They prefer to eat meat because it is more delicious and tasteful than vegetable. However, as a good parents you should find a way to persuade and encourage your children to eat vegetable as much as possible and make their food colorful and balance between meat and vegetable. You should give them rewards or praise them when they eat more vegetable than meat and try to them a little by little the advantages of vegetable.

Don't skip breakfast:


you should never let your children go to school in the morning without eating breakfast. Breakfast plays an important role in child development because they need a lot of energy to perform the activity for the whole day. As parents ,you should feed your children in the morning before taking them to go to schools because you do not know what they eat at school. If you cannot feed them on time, you can give them lunch box to bring to school and write down a note to stick on that lunch box to remind them to eat.

Drink a lot of water:


while children are busy playing with their friends , they never think of drinking water although they are thirsty. So as parents you should remind your children to drink enough water and tell them why they should drink a lot of water to let them know the benefits of drinking water. You can buy a bottle of water to put water for your children when they go to school because children at young age they do not know how to buy things at school and sometimes they do not know who should they tell when they are thirsty.

Eat regularly:


Parents should create a fix schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner time for their children. Children do not interested when they should eat or what they eat because they do not think it is important for them so your job as parents you should remember the time that you should feed your children or if they are old enough to eat by themselves you should tell them the exact time they should eat. If your children are busy playing games or watching T.V and they do not want to eat meal, do not hit them or shout to them but instead you should talk with them in a gentle way and make rules for them to follow. If they break the rules of eating , then you can punish by not allowing them to play games or not giving them money.