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Food Keeping Your Body Hydrated


Food that keep your body hydrated

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For everyone , water is the best to drink to stay healthy and hydrated. In order to keep your body hydrated requires you to drink large amount of water everyday and make sure that you never let yourself thirst. Being hydrated helps your body and your muscles in your body to stay strong. However, if find yourself that you do not like drinking water but you want to keep yourself hydrated , it is not a big deal anymore since some food are so rich in water and you can eat them instead of drinking water. Here are some foods that are rich in water:



watermelon is one kind of popular fruits that people like eating after they finish eating their meal. However, watermelon has a lot of benefits for people's health since it provide people with a lot of vitamins and especially it keeps people hydrated. According to the University of Kentucky's college of Agriculture has shown that watermelon contains 92% of water and it is the top ranking of fruit that is rich in water.



strawberry is a western fruits that is eating by most people around the world and people use strawberry in many ways. They could use it in ice-cream, foods, and sweet. The taste of strawberry is so good that keeps people want to eat it. The strawberry is also one kind of fruit that is so rich in water because it contains 92% of water like watermelon.



People usually use tomatoes to cook for their food and it is so high in vitamins that help to support the growth of the body. Potatoes have a few different colors that people can choose base on their interest. They have green, red or orange color. Moreover, tomatoes are so high in water content than watermelons because they contain 94% of water. From now on, you can cook your food with tomatoes to gain much benefits from them.



People use cucumbers everyday to cook and they can use cucumbers to make their skin look brighter. Usually people use cucumbers in salad to make their salad tastier and more colorful. However, another main advantages of cucumber is that it is so rich in water. In potatoes have water content of 96% that is higher than watermelon and tomatoes.